Orchard Elementary School has been without a PTA over the last couple years.  Parent teacher associations are usually hubs for school fundraising and activity planning.  Now, the South Side school has rebooted the PTA for this year, and first-year principal Jeremy Carlson says it’s an answer to a prayer.
When Kassie Runsabove’s children started attending the school this year, she talked to Carlson about getting involved in the school.  He recruited her to lead the new PTA.  She and other parents talked about planning fundraisers, activity nights and a celebration for Orchard’s 100-year anniversary next school year.  It’s work that can slip through the cracks without a PTA.  Meetings also give parents a chance to know teachers and administrators.  A pair of teachers who also have children attending school are in the PTA, and other parents attended the most recent meeting Tuesday night, including School District 2 Trustee Tanya Ludwig.