The skyline of Billings will be transformed within the next couple of years with the addition of a new large skyscraper.

One Big Sky Center will open in 2019 in beautiful downtown Billings and will bring roughly 500 new jobs and bring more development activities to the Magic City.

This building will have a 70,000 square foot footprint and will be located between 1st and 2nd and between 30th crossing over 29th which will actually close a part of 29th for a pedestrian mall.

One Big Sky Center will features apartments, hotel, movie theater, rooftop garden, office space and so much more.

When completed this building will be 324 feet tall, making it the tallest building in Billings and making a major stamp on the skyline.

The architects in charge of building are CTA Architects Engineers and can be reached at The Project Manager is Montdevco LLC and can be reached at

Get ready Billings!