Those seeking information about the strength of Montana’s economy now have an easy way to get lots of data from the state.

"The Montana Department of Labor and Industry just launched a new website for our labor market information including the unemployment rate and employment numbers," said Montana Department of Labor and Industry Economist Barbara Wagner. "We heard through the main street Montana Project from a lot of business members that they want more access to that data and they want it to be easier to find."

There’s a lot of information on the website, above and beyond the state’s unemployment rate. One can even search and find the average wage for their own line of work.

"You can find out how to find workers and which jobs are likely to experience worker shortages in various areas of the state," Wagner said. "We tried to make that information easier to find. Of course, there's local unemployment rates. We also offer wage rates for every occupation for every area."

The new labor market information website is located at

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