Rep. Alan Redfield (R-Livingston) says in order to protect state employees and the state budget for the long haul, it is time for the state to start furloughing state workers.

Redfield, along with Gallatin-area representatives Kerry White and Tom Burnett, spearheaded a letter now supported by at least 18 state lawmakers calling for the furloughs. He first spoke about the idea on our Montana Talks radio show.

The letter opens by saying:

We ask you to begin a broad and systematic furlough of state employees. People paying their salaries are, so far the only ones being forced to make sacrifices. Due to COVID-19, state revenues will fall precipitously in the next two quarters, at least. By furloughing state employees now, those employees will be able to receive federal additional unemployment benefits.


The full letter is posted below:

Credit Alan Redfield
Credit Alan Redfield