We're taking our statewide radio talk show back out on the road later this week. With election season heating up and ballots soon to drop in mailboxes across the state here in early October, we want to check in with our friends in the Flathead Valley.

Aaron Flint here. I hope you can join me Friday morning with a special LIVE "Montana Talks" from Kalispell. We'll be doing the show from Shadow Enterprises/Line-X on1035 W Center St.

We're going to have some big guests join us for the show. We'll also open up the microphone for you if you want to come down and join us. (For those of you who need to maintain social distancing- the mic cords stretch out long enough to give you at least 6 feet).

We will kick off the show in the Flathead at 8AM for our KJJR listeners.

Then we'll take you statewide at 9AM on the following stations across Montana:

Billings: Newstalk 95.5 and 95.1 FM, 970 AM KBUL

Bozeman: 1450 KMMS

Livingston: 1340 KPRK

Missoula: AM930 and 99.7 FM KMPT

Kalispell: 880AM and 107.9 FM KJJR

Glendive: 1400AM and 103.1FM KXGN

ForsythKIKC 1250 AM, 94.5FM

Lewistown: 1230AM and 106.9FM

Wolf Point: 92.7FM KVCK

Fort Peck: 107.1FM KVCK

Shelby: 1150AM KSEN

Great Falls102.7FM KINX

Helena: 95.9FM KCAP

Butte: 1370 AM and 94.7 FM KXTL

Scobey: 95.7FM KCGM

Plentywood: 100.1FM KATQ

You can also listen live on our "Montana Talks" smartphone app, or at MontanaTalks.com. We also recently started up a podcast with some on demand audio- find that by Googling "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint podcast."

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