Every two years, the Montana legislature meets to frame laws for the state. The next session will begin on January 2, 2017 and governmental bodies are already preparing new legislation. Montana Public Service Commission Spokesman Eric Sell says the PSC has four recommended bills.

"Those include a repeal of the Community Renewable Energy Program and raising the ceiling for penalties that the commission can levy against against a company for selling a utility without commission approval," Sell said. "Deregulating taxi cab services so they are on par with services like Uber and Lyft. And then also a repeal of something called the property tax tracker which allows Northwestern Energy to recover property tax payments through rates."

The four proposals were brought to the Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee recently and two of the topics will definitely be debated next year.

"Two of those proposals went forward as committee bills, the ETIC committee approved two of them, while rejecting the other two," Sell said. "The two that were approved were the repeal the Community Renewable Energy Program and the deregulation of taxi cab services in Montana.

Sell says the other two proposals won’t be carted off to the legislative graveyard just yet, they are considering a search for an individual legislator to present the bills.