22 year old, Antonio Ramirez, was in court today after being confronted for shoplifting clothing at a Missoula business. According to Missoula Police Public Information’s Officer Travis Welsh, things got physical when Ramirez was confronted.

"He was confronted by lost prevention employees who attempted to escort him back to the office," said Welsh. "Mr. Ramirez attempted to run from those gentlemen and one of the employees suffered an injury when Mr. Ramirez struck him with the back of his head in his face."

After the attack, Ramirez agreed to accompany the employees to the office where the situation escalated even more.

"He then pulled out a black handgun from his jacket and was in the act of turning it on the lost prevention officers who then engaged him physically a second time and wrestled the gun away from him," said Welsh. "It was later determined to be a pellet gun."

Ramirez was charged with robbery, criminal trespass to property, and a criminal mischief misdemeanor.