The Missoula Public library has been discussing the move to a possible new location for four years now, but a move in the near future is looking more and more likely. Library director Honore Bray says a new facility is a necessity.


"We have been discussing the move to a new location because we've outgrown this location and the building is costing us a lot of money because of the old furnace and many other things that need to be updated, but it doesn't seem appropriate to do that when we're out of space," Honore said.

On Wednesday, the library board approved an appraisal on the current location. When complete, the property can be sold to help pay for a new location.

"The library board decided to have an appraisal on the building so that they know the value of the building, and then the foundation board will be paying for that appraisal," Honore said. "It's about $7,500."

Right now, the plan is to move into the old Macy’s building downtown. Bray said that a fundraising effort will begin in June.

Honore Bray: