The Missoula City Council's Public Health and Safety Committee will meet at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday to further discuss a proposed ordinance to prevent the sale or transfer of a firearm within the city limits unless the buyer passes an instant national criminal background check.

The subject was last discussed in June, when over 300 people packed the City Council chambers to comment on the proposed ordinance.

Ward Two's Harlan Wells appeared on the KGVO Montana Morning news show on Tuesday to encourage the public to attend the meeting.

"They tried this last year, and about 300 people showed up at the Monday night meeting, so they shelved it," Wells said. "My guess is that they think enough people have forgotten by now that they can try and get it through this time. Tomorrow at one o'clock is the committee meeting where they're going to discuss it.I understand a lot of people can't get away from work to attend, so emails to the council would be appreciated."

Wells said the ordinance as written actually violates state law.

"The state law specifically prohibits cities from regulating the sale of firearms," Wells continued. "However, they can do something to suppress possession of fire arms by felons, so the city, it its ultimate wisdom, is trying to suppress possession by felons by regulating the sale, so they're basically playing this word game to get around state law, the Montana state constitution, which by the way, has a very specific right to bear arms. On top of all that, it's just an affront to anyone who honors the Second Amendment."

Wells said having a good number of people in the audience opposed to the ordinance will help to counter the proponents such as Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America.

Click on the link above to read all the attached documentation regarding the proposed ordinance.