For the first time, methamphetamine is more common than marijuana, and second only to alcohol in DUI samples sent to the state crime lab last year.  Meth has also been detected more often in other cases that the crime lab’s toxicology division handles, according to a summary report from the Montana Department of Justice’s Forensic Science Division.  In 2015, alcohol was the only detected substance in 2,277 cases.  There were 3,380 total DUI cases tested last year.
Methamphetamine surpassed marijuana as the most common substance after alcohol found in DUI blood tests.  The state crime lab in Missoula also does toxicology postmortem drug screens for medical examiners and analyzes drug and alcohol tests for cases that involve drug-endangered children.  The lab tests for a range of different drugs, including marijuana, prescription narcotics, hallucinogens and inhalants.  The overall number of positive drug findings has decreased over the years.