This is not considered to be a viable legal strategy; Don’t just skip out if your trial isn’t going well… especially if you’re wearing a GPS monitor!  A mistrial was declared Thursday after defendant Alfred John Abella failed to appear for the second day of his trial.


The 49-year-old Abella was arrested at 10 a.m. Thursday near Two Moon Park after failing to appear at 9 a.m. in Yellowstone County District Court… seemingly forgetting Judge Gregory Todd ordered he be monitored by a GPS device as part of his pre-trial release agreement.  Abella was on trial for assaulting a man with a hatchet.  Chief Deputy County Attorney Juli Pierce said Abella had been “quite busy” on Wednesday night, committing “significant violations of the release order.” Todd ordered Abella be tested for drugs and alcohol.  He’s being held in place of an additional $50,000 bond.  Abella had already posted a $25,000 bond prior to trial.