When 40-year-old Casey Heavyrunner was shot in the face on Thanksgiving weekend, few details were released about what happened. Now, The Missoula County Sheriff’s office has issued a warrant, and it’s for Heavyrunner himself. Missoula County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett explains.

"He's the suspect that was shot during a recent burglary in Bonner from November 26. He was arrested in Seattle. He was treated for his injuries at a Seattle hospital after being shot in the face, now we're just waiting for him to be extradited back to Missoula County to face charges of Burglary and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence."

No charges appear to have been filed against the man who shot Heavyrunner.

"He entered a home that wasn't his residence and it was the homeowner that discharged his firearm. It hit Heavyrunner in the face. Heavyrunner then left the residence and went a few blocks down and entered another residence and that was when 911 was called."

The sheriff’s department is still looking for information about what exactly happened that night and are asking the public to call 721-4444 If they have more details.