A 9-week-old infant was taken to Billings Clinic for a head injury early Saturday,and then rushed to a Denver-area children’s hospital, having been diagnosed as sustaining a serious head trauma.  The man reportedly left responsible for the child’s care, 26-year-old Jeffrey Alan Merritt, is currently being held at the Yellowstone County Detention center, awaiting an initial appearance in Justice Court to answer for his part in the child’s injuries.
Merritt is being held on two felony charges — aggravated assault causing permanent or life-threatening injury and assault on a minor, according to the Yellowstone County Detention Facility website.  Police were called to Billings Clinic at about 2 a.m. on Saturday when it was reported that a 9-week-old infant sustained a serious head injury.  Merritt, who is not the child’s father, was later found at the Vegas Hotel on Belknap Ave., and was taken in for questioning before being arrested and jailed.