Montana and Billings specifically were a hotbed of news and information in 2015, much of it controversial; some of it sad. Some of it centered on change; some of it focused on what might be on the horizon.

Along the way, some of our on-air personalities boldly shared their opinions. Sometimes they were met with solid agreement; others times vitriolic disdain.

Along the way, we also had some fun with the light-hearted fare.

Whatever the reaction, our readers and listeners voiced their opinions on what has become the public townsquare -- Facebook.

We did our own research to see what some of the most discussed topics on the NewsTalk Facebook was in 2015. Here are 10 of the headlines.

1. "Montana's Speed Limit is Increasing and So Are the Fines."

2. "Yellowstone County Makes the List of the 30 Most-Armed Counties in America."

3. "Really, City of Billings?" [Opinion]

4. "Is There Any Food That is Uniquely Montana?"

5. "Accepting Syrian Refugees in Montana Would Begin to Erode a Once-Great Nation"

6. "Stop the Bullying in Billings -- Now!" [Opinion]

7. "Why Do We Need Yet Another Crosswalk Light in Billings?"

8. "Billings Gazette is Calling for More Gun Laws, of Course [Opinion]

9. "Walmart Has Been a Huge Benefactor for Flakesgiving" (I Do Not Understand the Hate for Walmart)

10. "For God's Sake, Move When Emergency Vehicles Are Moving in Traffic and Lives Hang in the Balance."