The New York Times polling expert may be brushing it aside, and even the organization conducting the poll concedes that an online poll has its faults. Nonetheless, the Montana Republican Party is rightly taking a new poll in the state's US Senate race serious.

Earlier this week, Montana State University's HELPS Lab released survey results showing Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) leading incumbent Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) 46% to 39%.

Many were quick to dismiss the survey results since they came from an online poll taken with a different methodology than MSU's own 2018 Senate race polling. Nonetheless, the Montana GOP sent out a fundraising plea via email on Tuesday with the subject: "Bad news- Bullock up in latest poll."

With Chuck Schumer, Obama, and other Democratic power brokers working behind-the-scenes to turn Montana's Senate seat blue, we knew we'd need to fight back in order to offset the millions that they are pouring into this race.

And if we don't counter their massive out-of-state spending, we will lose – plain and simple. Take the latest poll where Bullock led Daines as an example – their efforts are working!

I know President Trump will fight like hell to beat back the Democrats and the corrupt left-wing media, and I think we can count on Steve Daines to do the same, but they can’t win elections without our help. So if you want to Keep America Great, you had better be tireless, fearless and vocal for the next six months.

I spoke with MSU Professor Eric Raile about the poll earlier this week. Check out our full conversation below:


Erik Moore, a prominent Republican pollster based in Montana with Moore Information weighed in on the poll. He says that as much as it pains him to say it as an MSU political science grad, the poll has two major flaws. You can read his "Montana Survey Methodologies Memo" in full below.


Credit Moore Information
Credit Moore Information
Credit Moore Information