Greg Gianforte has accused Gov. Steve Bullock of lying about his record on gun rights, suggesting he would align with Hillary Clinton in an as-yet-unsubstantiated plot to (quote) “to take our guns away.” (end quote)  Bullock argues that he is, in fact, a defender of the right to bear arms, without, as he says abandoning common sense, often referencing concerns raised by law enforcement officials about certain measures.  Bullock said in his eight years of public service, Second Amendment rights have been expanded in Montana, not limited.



In a state where surveys suggest two-thirds of residents own guns — twice the national rate — firearm ownership becomes a frequent question on the campaign trail.  Bullock has highlighted a December 2009 letter he received from the National Rifle Association thanking him for taking “a courageous and important stand” in a gun ban case before the United States Supreme Court.