Gas prices stayed the same this week in Montana, which is a surprise considering prices have steadily gone up each week across the U.S. petroleum analyst Will Spear explains exactly what Montana prices are compared to the national average.

“Sitting at $1.99, just under that $2.00 mark here in Montana, but it is still a bit cheaper than the rest of the United States which is seeing $2.12 as the national average,” said Spear. “Week on week average in the United States, prices are up almost 7 cents, so for prices not to be moving in Montana that’s actually a good sign compared to what the rest of the United States is seeing.”

According to Spear, Montanans can expect prices to rise in the upcoming months.

“I think we’ve still got a couple more weeks where we are going to hang in limbo near $2.00,” Spear said. “After we get to that Memorial Day holiday, we could see prices go up a little bit more as higher demand for gasoline kicks off with the summer driving season.”

Spear says prices at this time a year ago were 31 cents higher than they are right now.