The wife and family of a murdered Billings man are struggling to move on.  Angie Broken Rope lost her 40-year-old husband, Jay, on Dec. 10 in a brutal stabbing at the hands of Robert Lee Bauer.  Bauer pleaded guilty to mitigated deliberate homicide on June 6 and is awaiting sentencing.
Between them, Angie and Jay have eight children, seven who live with Broken Rope in a Heights apartment that she and the kids moved into on June 24.  Broken Rope sat in a chair in the adjacent family room while the kids ate pizza in the kitchen and talked about life for her and her children since her husband’s death.  Jay was a professional boxer, but a person of faith.  He supported the family financially and Angie stayed home with the children.  But, with the help of Advanced Personnel Services, Angie now works as a Radisson hotel maid.