Elf On A Shelf is one of the best holiday investments I've ever made. I am guessing that, sadly, this will be the last year my little girl believes in this elf and how it magically flies around at night. Of course, once she stops believing, it will stop flying.

In case you don't know, you can never touch the elf, for if you do, its Christmas magic will be lost. My daughter avoids touching the elf religiously. She will point, but never gets too close.

Recently I read that 7 year old Isabelle LaPeruta called 911 after accidentally touching her elf. She was afraid that Santa would be mad at her. Since she's a child and she called 911, police were obliged to make a house call. Upon their arrival, they found Isabelle inside the house, crying. She explained to the officer that she was throwing a ball in the house and it knocked the elf off the shelf. Isabelle apologized to the officer and promised to never touch the elf again.

It's a small window of time that the Elf On A Shelf can be a joyful Christmas tradition, but if you have a child between the ages of 3 to 9, I would recommend picking one up.