Being a victim can be a very difficult thing to deal with...especially when you are a child.  When a child is either sexually or physically abused it changes them forever.

How does an innocent child handle being a victim?

According to a story from Revalli Republic:

In this country, 26 states have enacted laws requiring schools to teach students how to avoid being sexually abused.

Another 18 states have either introduced or plan to introduce those laws in the upcoming year.

Only seven states in the nation have not done a thing. Montana is one of them.

27 year old Tara Walker Lyons is doing what she can to make a difference. She was a victim herself when she was a little girl.

Now that she is grown, she travels many miles across Montana telling her story and even created this video to spur action in our state.

Tara has been spreading her story and that message to inmates, parole officers, legislators and whoever else will listen in hopes of making a difference for victims.

People's vision on this issue needs to change for the better.

It’s time to do away with the stigma that comes with childhood sexual abuse, she said. It’s time for people to step forward and address the issue head on.

Please join Tara's quest and make the change.