Ok. Spare us the "farmer Jon" shtick. Especially now that we know you own a million-dollar home in Washington, DC.

Earlier this week, I told you how Democrat Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) completely dodged the question when he was asked about buying a home in Washington, DC.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has now jumped on the story as well. Calvin Moore, with the NRSC, sent out this summary:

Given how badly Tester tries to paint himself as a folksy farmer, letting voters know about his D.C. home, which his realtor described as a “Cosmopolitan Castle,” might create some headaches. After all, his stately D.C. “castle” is valued by Trulia and Realtor at an estimated $1,000,000.

Moore added this:

Montanans are tired of Two-Faced-Tester pretending he isn’t part of the swamp in Washington. No amount of folksy rhetoric can cover-up for the fact that he lives quite the life in Washington, cozying up to lobbyists and his liberal special interest friends at his Washington, D.C. ‘castle.’