Multiple conservative groups in Missoula are urging traditional republicans to vote for democratic candidates in the primary.

"Local government is what affects people's day-to-day lives the most," saud Garrett Van Hoose from the Individual Liberty Restoration League. "Because of that fact, people need to take any opportunity they can to make sure their voice is heard at that local level. A lot of our local elections this time around only contain democratic candidates, and therefore, in order to have your voice heard you need to vote on that democrat ballot in the primary."

Gloria Roark of the Missoula Patriots blamed republican leadership for a dearth of candidates and even endorsed two Democrats in the primary.

"Due to the lack of republican leadership, we have no choice," Roark said. "We've been pushed into the corner to cross over. It isn't all that bad. We've vetted two candidates in particular: Josh Clark for sheriff and Kirsten Pabst for county attorney. They are well qualified, they honor the Constitution, they will serve the people. They care about us."

Republican party chairman Will Deschamps has urged republicans to vote in the republican primary to help ensure the best candidates make it to the November ballot.