Montana Talks

Dashcam Video: Trooper’s Important Message to Montanans
I get it- we like to drive a little faster here in Big Sky Country. And I still see these people who putter along below the speed limit while driving across town, yet those same people will then speed through a school zone. But here's the deal- if you see someone pulled over on the side of the…
“Day of the Cowboy” Not Inclusive Enough? In Montana?
A simple resolution to declare "The National Day of the Cowboy" got rejected in Montana...because the term cowboy wasn't inclusive enough? That news fired up the CEO of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders). He got so fired up, he nearly pulled the plug on bringing the PBR back to Montan…
Mountaineers: Another Way to Honor Travis Atkins in Bozeman
Why not name the school mascot in honor of Staff Sgt Travis Atkins, a Medal of Honor recipient, by honoring him and all of his fellow 10th Mountain Division mountaineer soldiers that he gave his life for?

Jeff Krogstad grew up with Travis Atkins, and attended the White House ceremony with the Atki…
Glasgow Native Named MECA CEO
He's the new power behind the folks that do more than keep the lights on for you. Glasgow native Gary Wiens was just named CEO of the Montana Electric Cooperative Association (MECA).
AUDIO: Katie Pavlich on Montana Talks
Ahead of her planned appearance in Montana, Fox News contributor and editor Katie Pavlich joined us on our statewide radio talk show- Montana Talks with Aaron Flint. (Quick note: her April 11th appearance had to be re-scheduled due to weather in Minneapolis). Click below for the full au…
Putting Montana on the Venture Capital Map
If you were to build a map of the country in terms of Venture Capital Firms, Next Frontier Capital would be the name hovering over the State of Montana. In fact, CB Insights did just that.
For those of you who caught Monday's Montana Talks statewide radio show, we spoke with Les Craig from Next …
Mule Deer Foundation Banquet Coming Up!
Hunting gear, camping gear, and of course- GUNS. Not only can you get your hands on this great gear, you can also help with the conservation of Mule Deer in Montana at the 13th Annual Banquet of the Big Sky Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation.
Must-See: Navy Cross Presented in Polson
This is a story of remarkable heroism. A story that movies are typically made of. And it's a story about a US Marine from Noxon, Montana- Lance Corporal Jim Stogner. Stogner was presented with the Navy Cross on Friday at the VFW in Polson.

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