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Montana Talks LIVE in Kalispell Monday!
For our friends in Kalispell, come down and see us THIS Monday morning at Sykes Diner in Kalispell. We’ll have the microphones open for you for the entire 2 hours! That's right, in Kalispell we actually air 2 hours of Montana Talks starting at 8AM on KJJR.
Another Trump Appointee Headed to 9th Circuit!
Daines: "Confirming more Trump appointed nominees will help clean up some of the activism via courts we’re seeing today. Bress will be the 7th Ninth Circuit nominee confirmed by the U.S. Senate since President Trump was elected."
This is the Fastest Growing Job in Montana
Fox Business took a look at the fastest growing jobs state by state. What made the list for Montana?
Montana: Environmental engineers - 119 percent
The financial institution looked at changes in occupations listed with the Bureau of Labor Statistics over the last 5 years and compared employment data i…
Audio: Billings Grads Remember Eva Kor
They had just been with Holocaust survivor Eva Kor the week before her death, getting a personal tour of the Auschwitz concentration camp. You wouldn't have known the 4'9" Eva Kor was in her final days.
Remembering Holocaust Survivor Eva Kor
Coming up on Monday's statewide Montana Talks at 906 AM: our friend and longtime Montana sportscaster Rocky Erickson, along with Billings West High teacher Rob Stanton, join us to remember the life and legacy of Eva Kor.

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