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President Trump Proved "Experts" Wrong Once Again
President Trump promised a vaccine before the end of the year, and he delivered on that promise. Once again, Trump was right, and they were wrong. By "they", of course, we mean the media, the pundits, all of the so-called "experts", and yes- even the CDC.
COVID Vaccine Townhall Meeting for Montana Veterans
What about health care workers who work for the VA delivering health care to our nation's veterans? What about elderly or at risk veterans? How soon will they get the COVID-19 vaccine? Will there be mass immunization, or will you have to get an appointment?
Barry Usher is Right to Raise Questions About Death Rates
Legislative leaders in Montana seem to be taking the right approach ahead of the legislative session that is supposed to kick off in January. If Democrats want to stay home and remote in for the session, they can do so. If Republicans want to be there in person working on behalf of their constituent…

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