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Montana: Expecting SCOTUS Ruling in Espinoza Case
The Montana Family Foundation's Jeff Laszloffy will be joining us on our statewide radio talk show- Montana Talks- this week to discuss an anticipated ruling in the Espinoza case at the US Supreme Court. For those of you wanting more background on the case, here's a story we shared back in…
Ten Commandments Pulled Down in Kalispell, Arrest Made
The craziness has unfortunately made its way to Montana. Over the weekend, a man in Kalispell reportedly used his pickup truck to tear down a Ten Commandments monument.
We've been watching as extremists, rioters, and protesters have been tearing down or attempting to tear down monuments and stat…
Montana Rabbi Launching Positivity Campaign [AUDIO]
A negativity bias is natural, but that's all the more reason we need to develop a positivity bias. That's the essence of a book put together by Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson called "Positivity Bias." He joined us on our Montana radio show all the way from London.
4th of July Freedom Drive Planned for Laurel [AUDIO]
The chamber in Laurel may have had to cancel their 4th of July parade due to COVID-19, but a group of locals in Yellowstone County are making sure that something happens anyway. They're calling it a "4th of July Freedom Drive" starting at 11 a.m. in Laurel on Independence Day.
Forest Service Trying to Shut Down Access in Montana
President Trump and Secretary of Agriculture Perdue have been clear: land managers need to increase access, and they need to increase recreational opportunities on public lands. So why is the opposite being proposed by the US Forest Service when it comes to the Helena Lewis & Clark National Fore…
Jesus Statues a Symbol of White Supremacy?
The guy who caused the uproar earlier this week was brought in to speak at The University of Montana back in 2018 as a representative of the Black Lives Matter movement. He apparently had a fall from grace with the movement for lying about being black.
Monumental Destruction: Time for Lewis & Clark to Go Too?
"Should we abandon all references to Lewis and Clark here in Great Falls because they were slave owners? How many statues depicting the Corps of Discovery are you willing to deface and tear down in your mission to erase history and cleanse it of it’s uncomfortable and even brutal realiti…
Open Letter: Former School Resource Officer Weighs In
Last week on the radio, we talked about how well regarded these school resource officers are by the kids. I heard from a retired Billings police officer, and former School Resource Officer, who wanted to give his first-hand insight from someone who actually did the job. Hear his take below.

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