Another Epic Black Rifle Coffee Company Video
It starts off with thermal black and white imagery of a tactical team fast-roping into the Bass Pro Shop location. Once Mat Best and his team secure the target- the Black Rifle Coffee- the lights go on, and the battle royale ensues. I think for this one, the kids playing the roles of the rabid hound…
No Capitol Christmas Tree, Bullock Admin Blames COVID
"COVID starts fires and kills Christmas trees now? Holey moley." That was one reaction to the news that Montana won't have a Christmas tree in the state capitol in Helena this year. Another commenter called it Bullock's "final little FU on the way out the door."
Teen Challenge Selling Christmas Trees in Billings & Missoula
If you haven't gotten your Christmas tree yet, and you want to support a good cause, you can do both. Many of you are familiar with the women's Teen Challenge program based in Missoula. Now, there is also a new men's Adult and Teen Challenge program based in Billings that will be serv…

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