Big Meeting in Malta on the APR and the BLM
Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT) is doing the job that the Biden BLM should be doing: taking in-person public comment from Montanans about a radical proposal to allow the APR year round grazing in Northeastern Montana.
"Montana Talks" in Big Timber for Live Show on Thursday
You've only got a few opportunities left to enjoy the summer rodeo season now through Labor Day. That's exactly why we will be getting out to Big Timber for the Big Timber Weekly Pro Rodeo this Wednesday night. We'll follow with a LIVE show of Montana Talks from Big Timber on Thursday…
Biden BLM Pushing Anti-Rancher Agenda in Montana
The Biden Administration's War on the West is definitely in full swing. First, he shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline and targeted oil and gas drilling on federal lands. Then, he re-launched the Waters of the US regulations. And now the Biden BLM is playing dirty with their anti-rancher agenda i…

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