On Sunday a buddy of mine and I went to a well known downtown watering hole to watch Team USA's World Cup Soccer match with Portugal (They tied 2-2 in case you were wondering). We arrived about 5 minutes before game time and to our surprise was met with the crowd you see above. There were people wearing All-American outfits with their faces painted in red, white & blue chanting "I believe we will win!"

Normally in this country and particularly Montana soccer is about the 7th most popular sport just ahead of fencing and behind bowling (if you can call that a sport). Before you e-mail me to tell me soccer is really the most popular sport if you base it on what sport kids play the most know this... I don't. If you were to convince me it's the #1 sport based on who has the hottest groupies you might win that argument.

Back on the topic of Team USA, if they beat or tie Germany this Thursday they move on to the next round. Even with a loss (because of the tiebreaker advantages they hold) they are likely to move on but now they still have something to play for in the last match of Group G and it should be exciting so put on your Uncle Sam hat and your American flag cheek tattoos and join me "somewhere" on Broadway Avenue!