World Record Water Balloon Challenge
Mark Metcalfe,Getty Images

Spent a little too much time outside this summer and got burned?  The aloe vera ice cubes work wonders.  Yeah, you can cut the plant open and wipe it on yourself.  The frozen cubes are just a little less sticky.

And yes, you could put regular ice in the beer cooler but why?  When the balloons liquefy you'll have water balloons.  Please wait until they melt to throw them.  Otherwise you'll have a serious weapon.

Those ice blocks are great for pups.  If your planning a camping trip or a day of fishing, they come in handy.

I found these three things pretty handy already this summer.  A friend showed me how to make the ice cubes this year, been making the frozen dog treats for a couple of years now.  ABC News had some of these and others.  Might save you time and trouble this summer.



  • 1

    Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

    These things work great.  The video is a little long, but all good info.

  • 2

    Ballon Ice Balls

    Now she's doing this in the winter.  But these make the best ice in the beer cooler.  You can buy a bag of ice but then when it melts, there's no balloon to throw.

  • 3

    Frozen Apple Treats For Dogs

    Now you could always grab some ice out of the cooler.  But if your camping or gone for the day, these are great for your furry friend.