Missoula police responded to a 911 call early Monday morning at about 12:52 A.M. when a citizen reported that two men were trespassing at Hellgate High School. When police arrived they found the men, one of which had to be taken to the hospital for injuries sustained in a fall.

"It is unknown when exactly the injury occurred, but the police were actually responding to a report of trespassing, the fire department was called and rescued both males from the roof, the one that was on the lower section of the roof had to be transported to a local hospital," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh.

The suspect taken to the hospital is 19-year-old Soren Schonbachler. The other suspect earned multiple misdemeanor charges when police were able to make contact.

"Both men were charged with criminal trespass to property and minors in possession of alcohol," said Welsh. "Drew Brennan, who is 20-years-of-age was also arrested for misdemeanor possession of drugs and paraphernalia as the officer climbed the ladder from one of the firetrucks to the top of the roof where Mr. Brennan was he found him urinating on the rooftop, so a charge of urinating in public was also imposed."

It is unclear why the men were on the roof of Hellgate High School, Welsh said it does not appear that they tried to gain entrance to the building while on the roof.

Photo Courtesy of Jon King