19-year-old Johnny David LaFountain, already facing charges of attacking a 17-year-old girl on May 6, was charged in two additional assault cases Tuesday.  LaFountain appeared before Yellowstone County Justice of the Peace David Carter and was charged with aggravated assault and attempted aggravated assault in two separate cases.  16-year-old Anthony Lowe was identified by Billings Police as one of the attackers present.



Lowe has been charged as an adult in the May 6 attack on the 17-year-old high school student.  Charges against Lowe are pending in this case.  The other suspect is Jake Burkhalter, LaFountain’s step-brother, who was present at the attack.


According to court documents, on April 21 LaFountain, Lowe and Burkhalter reportedly attacked a 48-year-old man in the parking lot of the West End Wal-Mart.  The victim suffered a broken eye socket.  There were at least three young men participating in the attack and one girl present.