We recently came across some information about the CIA attempting to turn cats into some sort of half cat - half robot thingy to spy on suspicious people in the 1960's.

The plan was to implant live cats with recording devices.

You can obviously tell that this plan did not work out. While cats can be sneaky, when given a task a cat will do anything but that. To ask them to willingly go over to people and secretly listen in is like hiring Guy Fieri as chief of the Fashion Police — it just doesn't work

So why aren't cats cut out to be spies? Here are a few reasons:

1. Sometimes they aren't so graceful

2. They aren't  the best at 'blending in'

3. Sometimes they just like to instigate problems

4. They always go after the wrong target

5. This


6. While athletic...

7. ...also clumsy

8. They are easily distracted

9. SUPER easily

10. Sometimes they just freak out