What would you do with $10,000? Would you save it? Spend it on something fun like a fancy vacation? Maybe you would spend it on something practical, like a home renovation. Start planning because we're giving away cash all this month!

We're giving listeners two chances every day in May to win $1,000 (just listen all day for your cue to call, and when you hear it, be caller 25 at 1-877-854-WINS). Plus, enter online for a chance to win $10,000 cash to spend however they would like. So, you could donate it all to charity, stash it away in your 401k, go crazy at the mall, or do whatever you want.

If you want to take a crack at the big money, enter the contest through our VIP program. If you’re not a member, sign up now – it’s free – to participate in more awesome contests like this. The contest goes until June 2 – so keep listening all month long and don’t forget enter online for your shot at a cool $10,000!

Here's a list of folks who've already won cash from us:

Winner NameDate WonAmount of Cash Won
Tammy Whalen05/01/2014$1,000
Bryan Hitchcock05/01/2014$1,000
Crysta Walker05/02/2014$1,000
Julie Malkin 05/02/2014$1,000
Brenda Harris05/05/2014$1,000
Nicole Griffith05/05/2014$1,000
Ashley Wood05/06/2014$1,000
Donna Craig05/06/2014$1,000
Linda Machado05/07/2014$1,000
Lisa Pinkerton05/07/2014$1,000
Jeff Garcia05/08/2014$1,000
Matt Harris05/08/2014$1,000
Keith Derouen05/12/2014$1,000
Elissa Tyson05/12/2014$1,000
Mark Taylor05/13/2014$1,000
Patrick Maeder05/13/2014$1,000
Evalyn Minton05/14/2014$1,000
Cherly Foshaug05/14/2014$1,000
Kelly Douglas05/15/2014$1,000
Kelly Schlieter05/15/214$1,000
Mark Youmans05/19/2014$1,000
Carlene Cabral05/19/2014$1,000
Nancy Wurster05/20/2014$1,000
Brandon Lee05/20/2014$1,000
Tabatha Perez05/21/2014$1,000
Christina Moya05/22/2014$1,000
Chris McBride05/22/2014$1,000
Tammy Spangler05/23/2014$1,000
Michael Fisk05/23/2014$1,000
Kathy Rauschendorfer05/26/2014$1,000
Joshua Jeter05/26/2014$1,000
Linda Daggers05/27/2014$1,000
Wes Morrill05/27/2014$1,000
Mike Doughtery05/28/2014$1,000