Trump Jr. Message to Tester
Q2 reports that, in a Sunday morning tweet, Donald Trump Jr. shared a New York Times profile on incumbent Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, where he indicated he was not overly concerned about President Donald Trump’s proposed summertime blitz– expected to include a campaign swing through Big Sky …
The Left’s Faux Outrage Over Daines’ Twitter Page
One day I noticed a bunch of the liberal commentators, and even the ACLU, were complaining that Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) was "blocking" all sorts of dissenters from his official Twitter account. As expected, that narrative was apparently false.
Trump v. Tester
Republican President Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks on Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester raged on Monday. Trump tweeted “The migrant ‘caravan’ that is openly defying our border shows how weak & ineffective U.S. immigration laws are. Ye...
Bullock Won’t Deploy Guardsman on a Whim
The Billings Gazette reports that Gov. Steve Bullock will never deploy Montana National Guard troops “based simply on the whim of the President’s morning Twitter habit.” The Democratic governor and possible contender for his party’s presi…

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