CNBC: Farmers Stand By Trump
If Democrats thought they had one issue going for them heading into the November elections, it was the topic of trade and tariffs. But even that topic isn't a winner for Democrats, as CNBC is reporting that "farmers stand by Trump."
Daines Talks Farm Aid, Trade Policy on CSPAN
Is the $12 billion aid package to American farmers enough? What about the latest news regarding the European Union and trade? Watch below as Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) talks Trump, trade, and farm aid on C-SPAN.
MT Stockgrowers President Talks Trump, Trade & Fires
Mussard says he is very confident with the Trump Administration on trade. He described the improved working relationship with the Trump Administration, compared to the Obama Administrationn as a night and day difference. "We went from sludge to oil," added Mussard.