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Plentywood Storm: Fundraiser for Family That Lost Home
For those of you who caught Aaron Flint's interview with Bonnie Simon from KATQ radio in Plentywood on "Montana Talks"- she mentioned that one Plentywood family lost their entire house in the storm. A fundraiser has now been started to help the family.
Wash Post's Aaron Blake on Wednesday's 'Montana Talks'
When it comes to Democratic presidential candidates in 2020- who made The Washington Post's top 15 list? And why did Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) get knocked off his previous position at the bottom of the list?
Trump Campaign Manager on 'Montana Talks'
Ahead of the president's rally in Great Falls, Trump's 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will join us live on "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint. Tune in Thursday at 9AM.
Exclusive: Donald Trump, Jr on 'Montana Talks'
Donald Trump, Jr sat down with Aaron Flint- the host of the statewide radio talk show, "Montana Talks"- in an exclusive radio interview that will air Monday morning from 9-10 AM on stations all across the Big Sky state.
Michael Reagan on Thursday's 'Montana Talks' with Aaron Flint
This year marks the 74th Anniversary of D-Day, and the son of former President Ronald Reagan is doing his part to continue honoring the warriors who stormed the beaches of Normandy. Joining Michael Reagan in this effort is Glasgow, Montana native Doug Stebleton.
Gov. Bill Richardson on Friday's "Montana Talks"
He's been a prominent governor, a central figure in international relations, and a member of President Bill Clinton's cabinet. Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D-MT) will join us on Friday's "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint.
Green Party Leader Joins Us Friday on Montana Talks
The Green Party qualified for the ballot for the first time in years here in Montana, and now they're fielding candidates in state and federal races all across the state. Coming up Friday on our statewide radio show- "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint- we'll chat with the statewide…
See You in Scottie Country!
The political playing field is as wide open as the terrain in Eastern Montana. For those of you hoping to get a first-hand look at some of the candidates running for office this Fall, I hope to see you in Scottie country- Glasgow, Montana- Friday night.
Joe Biden Visits Montana: A Compilation of Social Media Coverage
For those of you who caught the coverage of the visits by former Vice President Joe Biden on behalf of Montana Democrats, and Sheriff David Clarke on behalf of Yellowstone County Republicans- some of the best highlights actually didn't even get mentioned in the coverage.
Flashback: Tester Said Dodd-Frank Wouldn't Hurt Montana
Back in 2010 Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) said Dodd-Frank "would strengthen Montana's community banks and credit unions." He called it "a win for Main Street." That was 2010. Let's fast forward to 2018. Now, Sen. Jon Tester is admitting that the very regulations he passed int…
"Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint Now Launching Statewide!
Starting Monday, March 12th at 9 AM, radio listeners in Bozeman, Livingston, and Missoula will now get to tune in and be a part of the conversation on "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint. We'll have more to follow on that front...
Monday: A Look at MT Dem House Candidates
we're going to get a look at how the race race is shaping up on the Democratic side of the aisle. Join us Monday morning on "Montana Talks" as we chat with John Hansen. He's covering the Democratic primary race for The Montana Mint
Did You Catch That Montana Moon?
For those of you who missed the moon over Southern Montana, it was definitely worth pausing for a moment before you hopped in your cars to work.
Friday's Montana Talks: "Amazing Leadership?"
"Amazing leadership." That's how the Broward County Sheriff describes himself, even after multiple failures by him and his office have now been uncovered in the wake of the school shooting in Florida. We'll get a lesson in real leadership from Steve Bucci, a Green Beret and forme…
Secretary Zinke's Surprise Phone Call to "Montana Talks"
In case you missed Thursday's "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint, we got a surprise phone call shortly after 9AM from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (R-MT). We talked about his one year anniversary as secretary, moving more jobs and key leadership positions in federal land management ag…